Health Care

The high cost of health care is unsustainable and America is facing a crisis in delivering care. While advances in technology have brought us treatments undreamed of by our grandparents, the cost of providing care has increased significantly.

Low income families find it hard to afford health insurance. People with preexisting conditions often can’t get insurance at all, and even people with insurance can be financially ruined by catastrophic medical events. The current health care law leaves too many Americans without the care they need at a price they can afford, reform is not just necessary, it is imperative.

Rep. McKinley believes we that must lower health care costs, increase access to high-quality care, and put patients in charge of their health care dollars and decisions. Obamacare does not achieve this. Free-market, patient-centered reforms will. And those are what Rep. McKinley and his colleagues have worked on introducing and debating.

In addition to comprehensive reform bills, Rep. McKinley recently re-introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at helping patients with chronic, disabling and life threatening conditions. The Patient Access to Treatments Act brings fairness and common sense to measures to millions of Americans looking to have access to critical treatments that can save their lives, or improve their quality of life.

Medicare is an important part of healthcare for many West Virginians. We must ensure Medicare is solvent and reliable for generations to come while providing the best care available. The Bundling and Coordinating Post-Acute Care (BACPAC) Act would introduce cost-saving measures to Medicare that would improve care at the same time. Better management of Medicare's resources will help seniors receive the care they deserve for years to come.