Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance

    * How Best to Find Information
    * Key Federal Funding Sources

How Best to Find Information

Find funding programs and learn how to write grant proposals:

   1. Search or browse the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance by Keyword and other indexes for grants, loans, business and nonfinancial help.
   2. Contact Federal office given in CFDA program description: if indicated, use CFDA Appendix IV: Federal Regional or Local Office Addresses (by Agency or by State).
   3. Search Federal Web sites given in each CFDA program description for more information and for State Administering Agencies responsible for managing these programs.
   4. Check current Federal grants postings at and apply online.
   5. Search also foundations for project funding: use the Foundation Center Web site or Foundation Center book collections in libraries to identify national, State, and community foundations.
   6. Learn how to write grant proposals: follow CDFA's Developing and Writing Grant Proposals, or take the Foundation Centers Proposal Writing Short Course.

Key Federal Funding Sources

    * Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
    * Federal Agency Contacts in States
Federal grants Web site that allows organizations to electronically find and apply for current competitive grant opportunities from ALL Federal agencies. Grant seekers can check on notices of funding availability posted in the last 7 days; sign up to receive e-mail notification of future grant opportunities; and apply for Federal grants online through a unified process. For full Federal program descriptions, see CFDA below.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (General Services Administration)
The Catalog (CFDA), issued annually and updated continuously on the Web, describes some 1600 Federal grants and non financial assistance programs. Grantseekers can identify programs that might support their projects and can learn the program's objectives, requirements, application procedures and contacts. For current notices of funding availability, see

Federal Regional or Local Office Addresses

West Virginia Rural Development State Office
(304) 284-4860
(800) 295-8228

Appalachian Regional Commission
West Virginia Development Office
(304) 558-2234
(800) 982-3386

Economic Development Administration
West Virginia Representative
(304) 347-5252

Small Business Administration
West Virginia District Office
(304) 623-5631

Housing and Urban Development
West Virginia Field Office
(304) 347-7000

For more information on grant applications contact my Washington, D.C. office.