Energy & Environment

The War on Coal must stop. Coal and other energy sources provide tens of thousands of West Virginia jobs, and are the lifeblood of our state. As a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, Rep. McKinley is well-positioned to push back on the EPA's overregulation of the energy sector, especially their destructive and misleading "Clean Power Plan."

In addition to coal, natural gas and oil are very important to the economy of West Virginia and this country. Exploration and aggressive drilling for these two fuels should be permitted without further delay. Greater energy production, and the jobs that come with it, do not come at the expense of our environment. Environmentally-conscious mining and exploration should be the goal of common sense regulation. Instead, the Obama Administration uses regulation to hurt our energy industry, not help them protect our wild, wonderful West Virginia. As a result, we have lost jobs and the coal industry is suffering in our state.

Congressman McKinley believes in market-based solutions to providing America’s energy needs. We should protect American jobs while we protect the environment.

  • Coal Ash Legislation

    Rep. McKinley's legislation to ensure safe storage and recycling of coal ash will protect the livelihoods of the 316,000 jobs that rely on the coal ash recycling industry. EPA's rules would leave too much uncertainty for industry and threaten them with arbitrary lawsuits.
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