As a small government, free-market focused owner of a small business, Rep. McKinley strongly supports fewer taxes, fewer frivolous lawsuits, and less regulation. He feels we need an environment that strengthens the private sector’s ability to create jobs. Washington simply cannot create jobs as well as American entrepreneurship.

The nation’s current punitive tax structure discourages economic growth. Rep. McKinley is fighting to lower taxes so people will be inclined to start new businesses and existing businesses will be able to expand.

The bailouts and stimulus packages written by President Obama did not work - they only added to our debt. At $18 trillion and counting, our unsustainable debt is having a negative impact on our nation right now. As the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said, our national debt is the biggest threat to our country.

The best solution to our debt and jobs crisis is to reduce the burdensome size of government and let Americans get back to work. We need economic growth, more jobs, and a more competitive America - and that is the goal of the legislation Rep. McKinley writes and cosponsors.